Host Your Own - Escape Room



About this 'Japanese Escape Room Game’: An exciting addition to your store, our 2020 award winning host your own escape room game has a Japanese theme and unique interactive ending for your customer to enjoy. Set inside a cinema in Kyoto, Tokyo - can you escape the evil spirit that has trapped you inside or will you be taken to the depths of the spirit world? Ideal for escape room novices, the difficulty level of this escape room game is moderate with 60 minutes to escape. Great for families or groups of friends looking for a fun evening of entertainment. Contents includes: An Instruction booklet, 47x Game Play Clues, 1 x Clue File, 1x Notepad, 1x Interactive Ending and a Photobooth Frame. Recommended for age 16+ and 2-6 players. How to play this 'Japanese Escape Room Game’: Inside the box you will find props and clues to hide around the room before the other players arrive. Read out the welcome speech to transport you to Japan, then identify clue 1 to get you started. Crack the codes and rethink the riddles to find the three code words and enter them in to the unique interactive answer page to break the magic and escape the room within 60 minutes. How to merchandise this 'Japanese Escape Room Game’: With an attention-grabbing red box, this escape room game is an essential in your online or physical store. Display on a shelf or as part of a free-standing table display to catch your customer's eye. Available in quantities of four, it makes a great addition to a games of gifting section of a gift shop, lifestyle store, garden centre or online games store. Merchandise with our other escape room or murder mystery games from the 'Host Your Own' range to expand your collection. Brand: Talking Tables Barcode: 5052715105568

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